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I love sharing my passion for storytelling and writing with other authors! It’s my mission to inspire, motivate, and educate so others can succeed in their writing journey.

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101 Questions to Improve Your Novel

For Writing, Editing, Revising, and Polishing

From plot twists to dialogue, authors have a long list to think about when revising and polishing a novel. These 101 questions and explanations will help you improve and check your novel’s opening, plot and character development, conflict, pacing, dialogue, and of course the writing itself. After months or years of working on a story, it’s difficult to check the quality on every fiction element. 101 Questions looks at overarching issues, small details, and writing technique. You may learn about new techniques and tips, see a method differently, or realize that you forgot a trick. This handy list of 101 questions explores many possible ways to improve specific areas, add layers and depth, strengthen conflict, find plot holes, and identify writing issues.

Contents:  All About Story,  All About Editing,  The Beginning,  Plot & Structure,  Characters,  Chapters & Pacing,  Scenes,  Dialogue,  Setting and Description,  The Ending,  Strong Writing,  Final Checks,  Share Your Book!

Blockbuster BooksBlockbuster Books, Broken Down with the novel map

Learn from mega bestselling novels to build your own breakout plot!

Why start from scratch and reinvent storytelling? Instead, use a 7 point plot outline developed from wildly successful novels.

“Blockbuster Books, Broken Down” is a workbook style guide that reveals the structure and elements in huge bestsellers of the last fifteen years, many of which became movies. By breaking down these books, we can see how successful authors are breaking out by satisfying readers’ needs.

Part 1 deconstructs today’s bestsellers and offers insights and keys to blockbusters and the Blockbuster Novel Map.

Part 2 guides you in creating a breakout idea and developing that into a solid plot with a novel map. Build from the ground up with 7 points to ensure your plot will connect with readers.

This is a hands-on fiction workshop packed with insights and activities to quickly teach you breakout plotting and novel development.

 Amazon/ Kindle  *Buy the workbook, get the Kindle book free with Kindle Match Book.*

101 Qs for your novelThe Writing & Revising Box Set

You can get both of these great books together!

Both are also available separately in Kindle Select for borrowing.


Authorpreneur by Kristen James - on AmazonAuthorpreneur: Making Steady Income from ebook Royalties

Second Edition with Bonus Material and Updates

Authorpreneur: a noun. A professional author/entrepreneur who strives to improve in all areas of the publishing business: writing, publishing and marketing.

What does it really take to make it as an author? What are realistic production and promotion costs? Do many people make money publishing ebooks, and how much? “Authorpreneur” takes a look at what’s involved in independent publishing and what you can expect at different career phases such as:

  • Starting Out with ebook publishing
  • Multi-published author
  • Earning $500 per month and growing
  • And even feeling stuck in writing and marketing

I discuss real numbers and what success means to different people—it’s not just about money. This book is for writers who value great storytelling and connecting with readers, and who want to develop their career, not just spike ebook sales for a month.
“Authorpreneur” is filled with tips you can do during set up, how to get sales moving again, and all the strategies I’ve used to sell more books, doubling my sales every year and tripling my income.

Book Promoting 101 by Kristen JamesBook Promoting 101

The publishing industry is rapidly changing into an entirely new game, offering more ways to get published and many new avenues to promote books. Do you understand the new POD method of publishing and printing books, and what it means for you?

Just as you develop an outline for writing your book, you should have a marketing plan to guide you in promoting it. Book Promoting 101 offers tips, guest articles, a sample book marketing plan and industry news. Tips discuss website design, good cover design, to how to write a sales sheet and how to promote your book online and in person.

Written by a publisher, Book Promoting 101 will show you how to get started early, even while you are writing your book, and walk you through ways to continually promote you and your writing.

Guest articles from Stephen Blake Mettee, BK Mayo and Bob Baker, and a sample marketing plan by Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn blog.

* How to build a marketing plan
* How to sell books online and in person
* How to set up a website and blog
* How to use Facebook, online social networking and marketing
* How to attract readers to your website
* How to use both professional reviews and reader reviews
* Tips for book signings, group signings, book fairs and other events
* Examples and advice from published authors and marketing experts
* How to track sales on Amazon, including where you sell books!

Note: Authpreneur is about how to be a full time author while How To Be A Full Time Writer looks at earning an income through freelance editing, writing, technical writing, sales copy, copy writing, ghostwriting, proof reading–basically any work found on a freelance site.

How To Be A Full Time WriterHow To Be A Full Time Writer

How To Be A Full Time Writer and Editor – Through Ghostwriting, Freelance Writing, Editing, Co-Writing and Your Writing

Do you love your job? You should! If you don’t, I’d love to help you create a job you love.

I created my own job through a mix of publishing and editing, and then I began ghostwriting. This allowed me to set my own hours, choose my projects, and work from home while dropping the daily commute. I share the sites I used, provide resources, and give tips for finding work, bidding, winning projects, avoiding problem clients and projects, and earning more money. These tips include actual, winning bids and things to watch out for. You can use some or all of the methods that have worked for me to create a job perfectly suited to your interests and passions.

This is a great way to earn extra income, offset a crisis after job loss, or earn a living. For me, being a “full time” writer means earning full time pay, and not necessarily working eight hours a day.

In How to Be A Full Time Writer, I share ways to make money online related to writing, editing and publishing; How to get started and create a winning profile; What not to do; Tips to win more projects; Red Flags – time to walk away; and How to price your bids.

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