About Kristen

I was born in a tiny town in western Oregon and lived there until after my high school graduation. (I guess that’s where I get my love of small town settings!) I discovered writing in the 4th grade, thanks in large part to my teacher Mrs. Straight. My school published one of my short stories, and I realized other people might like to read what I wrote. I saved up and bought my own typewriter, and soon I was tapping out books over summer break. I wrote several “practice” novels and I continued writing though the next ten years.

1My fourth grade teacher also got me hooked on art. We read The Trumpet of The Swan and did an art project representing the story. For some reason, I decided to make my swan picture 3D, and Mrs. Straight had it displayed in the library. A few years later, I started watching Bob Ross on TV and ordered his painting set. These days, I’m into drawing and jagua temporary tattoos. It’s a natural blue ink that stains the skin and lasts for about 2 weeks. I’m also creating an adult coloring book for release this month (Jan 2016) featuring flowers and people with some henna influence. I’m super excited to share it! There’s more info under Artwork.

As an novelist, my mission is to continually improve as a storyteller and write exciting stories that offer something new with each project. I want to entertain while touching readers’ hearts with strong, memorable characters that have flaws like me and you.

Another part of my mission is to help other writers by inspiring, motivating, and educating them by sharing what I’ve learned along the way.

My favorite activities are spending time with my kids and family, writing, reading, drawing, painting, and anything outdoors: camping, hiking, fishing, berry picking, mushroom picking, cycling, canoeing and exploring.

16 thoughts on “About Kristen

  1. My Dad was born and raised in Oregon, and like you moved back after years of absence. I’ve visited him many times, and though it wasn’t where I was raised, there’s nowhere else I would like to be when I retire. It is truly God’s country!

  2. Was Born and raised in Oregon Married moved to Seattle where Hubby is from and moved to Springfield then across the River to Eugene. Have talked with Other People in Ar. that Love Eugene.

  3. I am reading More than Memories right now and was shocked when I read about Redding, Ca. Thats where I live and I work for 911.. So it was funny to hear about how they called 911 in Redding. 🙂 Love it so far. Also really enjoyed Embers of Hope.

  4. Hi Amber – thanks for the note! I like finding those little connections. Another reader asked me if “Ridge City” in More Than Memories was a real small town in Oregon, and it is. Glad you enjoyed the stories. 🙂

  5. HI Kristen, saw you on the the Creativepenn and came to say hello. Totally shallow – but I was sucked in by the picture of you riding – and the fact you like all the outdoor things as I do! Always nice to meet other writers. Best wishes with your work. x

  6. It’s always great to find writers from here in Oregon. I grew up in the very tiny town of Rogue River and now live in Eugene and I always enjoy reading books that are based in Oregon.

  7. Alexandria, that’s such a beautiful area down by Rogue River! I want to explore it more. It’s strange to me that more books aren’t set in Oregon because it’s a gorgeous state and we have a ton of authors here. 🙂

  8. What amazing journeys you take your readers! I was raised in Coos Bay and travel through Florence to Eugene regularly as well as North of Florence to Newport. Your stories capture the beauty of Oregon and are refreshingly discreet when conveying the depth of romantic encounters between characters. It is a pleasure to read about local cities and towns in your books. Looking forward to your future novels and more local connections. You are a truly gifted writer.

  9. Congratulations on your writing career. I remember reading your novel written while you were in high school and hoping then you would continue. So proud of you!

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