Announcing My Fake Billionaire Boyfriend Trilogy

Soooo…. The Billionaire Who Bought Me is complete on Vella! It feels great to have a new story to share since it’s been a while. It was exciting and fun to write, and super addicting, which helped me write it FAST. (If you read on Vella, here’s the link. You can preview the opening there and then order the ebook on your favorite ebook site.)

It’s a little crazy that I wrote the story so quickly during the holiday season . . . while buying a food truck and getting ready to launch that business . . . so I did have to focus on one Vella story, leaving Sarah’s Song for a little later.

I also realized there’s so much more to tell, way too much for one book so this novel will launch “My Fake Billionaire Boyfriend” Trilogy. So now I’m happily planning the next two books. The big picture is already in my head so it’s all the little plot points that need to crystallize.

I actually have a list of titles I want to work on, but I’m not letting myself get too carried away. One future novel might include a food truck, because driving several states in the snow to get it inspired a few story ideas.

I’m happy I’m starting 2022 with a new release and more to come, and it looks like the year is gearing up to be a big one for my husband and I business-wise. I hope your year is off to a great start too!

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