A new story in the works… Similar to Talk to Me

Wow, it’s been a crazy couple of years, in hard ways and a few good ways too. It seems like yesterday that I was thinking about 2021 starting and now 2022 is on the horizon. I began a novel in the beginning of the year but didn’t get to work on it much through spring and summer. I’m happy to say I finally carved out the time and made progress, and the beginning of the story is actually out on Vella, a newish Kindle platform where you can read episodes of stories as they come out.

If you haven’t tried Vella, it sounds like a fun way to read. Authors get to publish episodes (like chapters) and include a note at the end of each. I wish readers could also comment for even more interaction, but maybe that’s coming. (And you can always email me with comments.) Anyhoo, I decided to give it a go for at least this novel. The good news is, a month after the last episodes posts, the entire story can also become a Kindle ebook. So this novel will hit Kindle next year.

The story revolves around music… and loss, healing, friendship, connections, and yes: romance. It’s most similar to my novel Talk to Me if you enjoyed that one, although I’d say this one is more serious. It’s called Sarah’s Song.

Sarah Austin never had a musical bone to her body…until suddenly she does. In the aftermath of tragedy, she finds herself turning to music, playing the guitar and writing songs. Half a world away, Michael Singer, lead guitarist and singer of Mystic Mist, can’t believe he’s hearing Lauren’s song from someone else. Lauren didn’t get to finish her song, so how did this American girl steal it from his band? Two hurting hearts. One unexplainable connection.

Check it out on Vella here. The first 3 episodes are free to read. Right now there’s 5 total episodes and I’m adding more every few days. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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