Sneak Peak from A Cowboy For Christmas

Brent’s jeans hugged his legs all the way up. Then his shirt molded to his trim waist before stretching across his shoulders. She looked at the horse as he drew closer so he wouldn’t see the way she admired every inch of him.

“I’m going to ride your horse?” Could it be a good sign? Or did he plan a big joke on her? She hated uncertainty worse than anything, and he put her on shaky ground time and time again.

“I trust him, and believe me, you’ll want a horse we can trust.” He motioned for her to come over. That authoritative gesture sent hot licks of want up her. The sensation shocked her senseless for a minute. He motioned again.

“Okay, okay.” Keep your senses about you, girl. The speckled monster pawed the ground and looked her over. She joined Brent on the horse’s left side.

“Offer your hand, like you did before.” Brent instructed. “He senses your fear.”

Fear? She wanted to argue, but she wasn’t much of a liar. After she looked at Brent, she held out her hand and Jeffery rubbed his soft nose in it.

“All right, boy,” Brent soothed. “This lady needs to learn how to ride, and you’re just the horse to do it.”

After he reassured the horse, he turned to her. “I’m putting you on the fast track to riding. We could put you up there bareback so you could learn to lead, but you said you’re fast learner, right?”

Was that a dare? “I am.”

“We’ll get you up there, then you can get used to how it feels. Next you’ll practice leading him with the reins. Now watch.” He grabbed the saddle, put his foot in the stirrup, and swung up. After he dismounted, he nodded for her to try.

Just like that, huh?

“Hand here.” He took her hand and pulled it up. She jumped at his touch. A small jump, but she felt it all the way through her.

His hat threw shade over his eyes, but she was pretty sure he’d seen.

“Foot there,” he said. She nodded and pretended not to hear the amusement just begging to slip through his steady voice. She did as instructed and placed her foot in the stirrup.

“Up and at ‘em.” He swatted her bottom as she started up.


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