When Love Changes Everything

Hello from the misty Pacific Northwest, home of towering evergreen rain forests, coffee stands galore, and authors aplenty. Oh, and Bigfoot. We also have the coastline and two gorgeous mountain ranges to explore.

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Coming 2018

I’ve been writing since the age of ten, and I might have been the youngest Writer’s Digest subscriber. My passion for storytelling has only grown since then.

My romances feature emotional love stories, married romance, and often a little mystery or suspense. Below are a few previews that show a variety.

I’m currently working on a story about love, marriage, life, loss, and how to bounce back called Say Yes.

Lily Ann McKee had it all…

Her quirky lavender Victorian house, her own growing company, and best of all, she was head-over-heels in love with her handsome, charming husband Breandan.

They planned a life of adventure, just the two of them…but when tragedy struck a year ago, she changed and wanted a family.

Her secret desire turned her happiness to ashes. Now she fears her marriage is dying, and she discovers new company isn’t flourishing like she thought.

Lily Ann learns she’s not the only one hiding things. There’s something big behind Breandan’s decision but it’s too painful for him to share.

Will she have to choose between her marriage or having a child of her own?


More Than Memories

Molly Anderson returns “home” to a town she doesn’t remember, hoping it will spark a memory. She meets Trent Williams, a Ridge City police detective, and something else definitely sparks. Not only does he know her, Trent takes on her case and promises to do everything he can to solve it.

Other emotional romances include Point Hope, Embers of Hope, More than a Promise, and In a Field of Oranges.

All in my Head

He’s sexy as hell, but he’s just a voice… Avery Waldorf wakes up from a concussion to find a voice inside her head—an adventurous male voice belonging to Marcus, who doesn’t know where he came from, but has an opinion on everything about her life.


Stranger in my Bed

Megan wakes from a coma to a life that doesn’t feel right and a husband she doesn’t recognize. Is he lying to her? What’s really going on? All the evidence says they’re legally married, and yet her shattered memories say otherwise. Everyone she meets seems to be in on it, unless she’s suffering from paranoia due to her brain injury.


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