Hello from the misty Pacific Northwest, home of towering evergreen rain forests, coffee stands galore, and authors aplenty. Oh, and Bigfoot. We also have the coastline and some gorgeous mountains to explore. I’ve lived here all my life and set most of my stories here.

On the topic of my writing, my stories vary from sweet romance to romantic suspense to light thriller romance. I have novels and novellas, and nonficton for authors about…you guessed it…writing.

I like good stories in many different genres, and that’s why my own novels differ from book to book. For several years, I’ve wanted to write more mystery/suspense/thriller type stories, and I’m in the last stages of a writing/polishing a domestic thriller, aka murder mystery psychological thriller–if that’s a genre.

I tend to write the story I want to write, and then if you want to read it, that’s awesome too. 🙂

I’m submitting this novel but I also designed a cover because I love that part of publishing, and it helps me in the writing process. Take a gander if you like:

daker-2-copy-copy  Covetous… 

Two couples are found murdered in their beds. The only link comes from their phone records, leading Detective Hounder to Lucy Marshal.

Lucy and her live-in boyfriend might be next on the hit list. She doesn’t know who she can turn to. If Luke knew the truth about her, he would have more motive than anyone, but does he know? Her best friend Emma is somehow connected to this mess—and hiding now. Her other close friend James was still in love with one of the victims—and involved with Lucy without knowing her connection.

She wants to hold onto everyone but can’t control the web she’s weaved around herself. Lucy can’t trust anyone anymore, not herself, and not the stranger leaving messages for her.

Detective Hounder struggles to stay objective while pulled into Lucy’s charm. He follows the rabbit hole, discovering each suspect has secrets and hidden links to the others. But while everyone has motive, they also have an alibi.

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