99 Cent Summer Sale!

It feels a little funny writing “summer” when we’re having a weirdly wet start to our summer here in Eugene, Oregon. I refuse to complain because we’ve had so many bad forest fires the last few years. Still, it’s almost mid June and sunshine is on the way! Plus, it’s been forever since I’ve done a 99 cent romance sale.

I’ve had a fun, busy, crazy year because we started a food truck called Squacho’s Nachos in January, and we just went into a new, permanent location. I learned how to hire employees and run payroll, yay me! I still managed to finish two novels this year so far and have an idea for another new project, but first I want to enjoy summer a bit and make sure the food truck is running well.

So, I want to celebrate summer and my new releases this year – The Billionaire Who Bought Me and Sarah’s Song. Below are three of my older novels that I love, that make great beach reads for this summer. You can preview them here and get them on Amazon. I have even more 99 cent romances on my Amazon profile.

Happy camping or beach-going, or whatever fun activities you’re doing! And of course happy reading.