Recovery of Agent M – President’s Day Release

Recovery of Agent M, a 16,000 word novella

Book 1 – Jeff Ivanov Series

Sea/Air/Land Commandos – Navy SEALS

Navy Seals do not quit, ever. They do not leave people behind. Part of their Creed says, “My Trident is a symbol of honor and heritage. Recovery of Agent M - Navy SEAL Personnel Recovery Mission - click to view on AmazonBestowed upon me by the heroes that have gone before, it embodies the trust of those I have sworn to protect. By wearing the Trident I accept the responsibility of my chosen profession and way of life. It is a privilege that I must earn every day…”

Covert Operative Jeff Ivanov is working in Colombia as a Special Activities Division, or SAD, utilizing asymmetrical or unconventional tactics. New intel, however, will change everything.

The United States Special Warfare Command via DevGroup recovers HVI, or High Value Intelligence, from the private yacht of a Russian-Chechen narco trafficker off the coast of Venezuela, named Nikolai Markovich. The new intelligence indicates that CIA Operative Lida M. was not killed in Tehran, but moved to a small island off the Northern coast of Venezuela.

The hostage is in critical condition, and another top priority operation may well jeopardize this one. The President orders boots on the ground ASAP.

Jeff Ivanov is called to lead his previous team, SEAL Team 7, and brings along two ‘brothers’ from the Colombian Special Forces. The team HALO jumps into the area to conduct a stealth mission in the heart of a terrorist compound, employing the latest and most advanced technology. The “package,” Lida M., may be in critical condition, and as a Muslin woman, might not want to survive this ordeal and face dishonor afterwards. But Seals do not leave people behind, and Ivanov sees saving his sister agent as an all-in mission.


This is a hardcore, action packed Personnel Recovery Mission. Through writing this, I learned a lot about the latest technology and SEAL training, along with learning about SEALs. They are humble warriors who sacrifice everything. Recovery of Agent M shows just how much they give. In this story, we see how much Jeff Ivanov cares about his Colombian brothers who he’s serving with. He also has close ties with other Operatives and SEAL team 7 members. When they learn an Operative is alive, there is no question. They will go after her.