Say Yes paperback is out & Kindle is releasing May 31!!

Happy almost summer!

I’ve been super busy in my garden and yard, and playing with chickens and bees. The chickens are a year old and entertaining. I brought the bees home yesterday so it’s been an adventure! I drove across town with a hive of buzzing bees and carried them into the backyard. The hive (box) was sealed for the trip, and then I had to open the door for them. So far the bees are sweeties and have been exploring the yard.

I’ll have to start blogging about chickens, bees, and adventures in the garden!

I’ve also been getting Say Yes ready for publication.

The paperback is out now, if you like reading a physical copy, and the Kindle ebook will be out on May 31.

The Smashwords edition releases June 7, along with other retailers, because I couldn’t move that release date up.

I’m so excited to share this story with you.

Lily and Breandan are at odds, but they’re married and love each other. It makes things complicated. Life is actually complicated with issues at work and with her best friend.

It’s a story about personal growth, friendship, and marriage. So it’s a mix of romance and women’s fiction. I so hope you enjoy it!

You can read more on my home page and of course on Amazon here.