Say Yes paperback is out & Kindle is releasing May 31!!

Happy almost summer!

I’ve been super busy in my garden and yard, and playing with chickens and bees. The chickens are a year old and entertaining. I brought the bees home yesterday so it’s been an adventure! I drove across town with a hive of buzzing bees and carried them into the backyard. The hive (box) was sealed for the trip, and then I had to open the door for them. So far the bees are sweeties and have been exploring the yard.

I’ll have to start blogging about chickens, bees, and adventures in the garden!

I’ve also been getting Say Yes ready for publication.

The paperback is out now, if you like reading a physical copy, and the Kindle ebook will be out on May 31.

The Smashwords edition releases June 7, along with other retailers, because I couldn’t move that release date up.

I’m so excited to share this story with you.

Lily and Breandan are at odds, but they’re married and love each other. It makes things complicated. Life is actually complicated with issues at work and with her best friend.

It’s a story about personal growth, friendship, and marriage. So it’s a mix of romance and women’s fiction. I so hope you enjoy it!

You can read more on my home page and of course on Amazon here.



Say Yes is on Pre-order!

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Say Yes… A story about love, marriage, friendship, life, loss, and how to bounce back.

Special Pre-order price of only 2.99! Releases June 7th.

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Lily Ann McKee thought she had it all… Her quirky Victorian house, her own marketing company, and best of all, she was head-over-heels in love with her handsome, charming husband Breandan. They planned a life of adventure together, just the two of them.

Then tragedy struck a year ago, and everything changed. Lily Ann began to want a baby of her own but she was afraid to tell Breandan. A year later, she has no choice but to share, and discovers he has a secret of his own, something too painful from his past to share.

She had pulled away from everyone, most of all her best friend Cici, the one person who would understand what she’s going through. Her business isn’t thriving like she thought either; just the opposite. Now her marriage is on the line. Will she have to choose between her marriage or having a child of her own?


Seven years ago when we were dating, I once joked to Breandan that one of my life goals was to have a garage and actually park in it. Everyone fills it with junk and parks outside!

After we got married and bought our loudly purple, contemporary Victorian-style house five years ago, he emptied all the boxes from the garage within a week and moved my car inside. Back then, he called me the Lady of the Castle. A little castle, but it did look like my own tiny castle, and I loved it.

For several years, I always smiled when I went into the garage and got into my car, thinking how much my husband loved me.
Today as we got into his Jeep together, I didn’t. It’d been hard to find anything to smile about the last year, and I was thinking about dinner with our friends, who had invited us over for dinner on a Monday night out of the blue.

We had both just gotten home, freshened up, and then jumped in his Jeep to head across Eugene. I had pulled on a pale green lacy T-shirt dress, which I liked because it seemed fancy and casual at the same time. With a shiver, I realized it probably wasn’t warm enough for a March evening in Oregon but it was a bit late to change.

Breandan noticed my shiver and turned on my seat warmer. His freshly applied Vince Camuto cologne tickled my nose, a light sophisticated scent. It made me think of the year after we met, our last year of college, and our summer hikes for some reason. It’d been a couple of years since we’d gone. He wore a green long sleeve shirt, one that he often wore for St. Patties or anything else remotely Irish-related.

“How did it go with that house?” I asked Breandan as we both buckled up. He owned a small real estate company and invested in properties. He had gone to Florence on the coast today to look at a two story house that he wanted to buy and then rent. “You were super excited about it yesterday.”

“Well…” He blew out his breath as he backed out of the garage and swung backwards onto the street. I waited, wanting to hear about the house but also about his day. He use to tell funny stories about his nerdy-hipster business partner Jerry talking with the coffee pot in his hand and accidentally smashing it against a corner. A few years ago, he would have launched into something like that, letting his Irish accent out in full force.

Breandan McKee was the most charming, handsome, fun man I had ever met…and fell in love with and married. The man melted hearts with a look. With his thick, loosely wavy hair and distinctive nose, he looked a lot like Patrick Dempsey from in Gray’s Anatomy (but with lighter hair) who played Derek Shepherd, or Dr. Dreamy. That really fit Breandan, so much so that for a long time I thought the actor was Irish too.

We used to joke about it a lot. He moved his hand on the steering wheel and my gaze caught on his wedding band. That made it hurt all the worse now. He didn’t know, of course. I was the one who changed.