Audiobooks and Cover Reveal for Point Hope!


The audiobook for A Spy for Christmas is available on Amazon and!

(Audible offers a free app for listening to audiobooks, and you can get a free audiobook by signing up for their trial membership.)

Later this spring, The River People will also have an audiobook!




I’ve had my head buried in my latest writing project, Point Hope, and I wanted to share the cover with you. Coming this spring!

Final Point Hope copy

The mighty Pacific has a rugged, rough, unforgiving beauty—like Trey’s life.

Trey and Rosette Sinclair were once in love. Now they both feel hurt and unwanted. Their marriage is on its last legs when their family is faced with two deaths and an orphan. They’re already raising two young children and Trey’s teenage brother Alex.

After an IED brought his Navy career to an end, Trey became an EMT in his hometown of Coos Bay, Oregon. He struggles with PTSD, which affects his ability to do his job and connect with his family again. His wife seems to be living life without him.

Rosette is the mother hen and friend to all. She can’t figure out what happened to her marriage, or to Trey—the man she once so desperately loved. It feels like she’ll lose everything along with him. Meanwhile he’s enclosed in his own world without her.

Trey and Rosette make a shaky agreement: to play “family” for now so they can take care of Trey’s recently orphaned niece. But can faking it ever be enough?

It’s make-it or break-it time. If they split apart, who will raise Hope?


Many of my reviews praise my ‘real characters with real problems’ and this story delivers more romantic and family drama. I’m so excited about this complex storyline and characters with their secrets and flaws. Watch for a preview as we near March!

New Year – New Novel in Progress

It’s a new year and I’m writing a new book. I love that initial creating stage where I go from a vague book idea to a plot with characters, and then entire storyline comes together. When I was in the final phases of my last novel, I did have few days when I wondered, what if I don’t get another idea for a while? Then I got several ideas all at once. The idea I choose to work on is about a family with all kinds of problems and issues. It’s make it or break it time, and then things get even worse. This story is fun to write because there are so many different issues between all the characters, and their decisions drive the plot. There’s several twists too! I’m looking forward to sharing more about it as the novel progresses.

I wrote several novellas and a novel in the last year, and the writing process just continues to get more and more exciting. Ten years ago, I needed to outline, draft character sketches and constantly revise the storyline and my notes. I had to write quite a bit to get a grip on what would happen in the story and who the characters were. Now I can develop the story and characters in my head much better, so I can see what people look like, what drives them, and how they’ll change in the book. I’ve always like to paint scenery for fun, and the process is very similar. I start a book with the background, the general idea for the plot and characters, and then I fill in details in layers to create the full picture.

Cheers!  ~Kristen

A Special Ops Christmas

Special Ops Christmas cover final

Want to escape for a short while during the hectic holiday season? This holiday novella is the perfect length to read in the bath, waiting at the doctor’s office, or sitting by the fire. (I often sat by my fireplace while working on this story!)

A Special Ops Christmas – a holiday novella

They were ready to call it quits, but Aiden realizes he can’t let his marriage die this Christmas season. Can he make it home to Vivianne in time to save their love?

Vivianne has been so proud her husband—a Navy SEAL—but his absence while serving has put a strain on their marriage. Due to buried hurts and different circumstances in her life, she needs him more than ever now. Aiden proposed in the snow, and Christmas has always been their special time of year. This year, however, looks bleak and lonely. If only Aiden were here, she could share a special surprise.

You can also get A Spy for Christmas, A Cowboy for Christmas, More Than Memories and Embers of Hope for 99 cents in Kindle, or borrow for free if you’re a Prime member. (The last 3 are full length novels while A Spy for Christmas is a novella. All four are available in print and Kindle.)

Hope your holiday season is going well and you’re ready for Christmas!