1 Year Anniversary for my Facebook Page & Kindle Giveaway

Wow, it’s almost been a year since I started my Facebook author page. (www.facebook.com/WriterKristenJames) This has been, hands down, the most exciting and rewarding year in my writing career, and I believe a big part of that is due to connecting with readers on Facebook. We’ve had a lot of fun and discussion about writing, reading, books, covers, the wildlife in my yard, and life in general. I’ve connected with other authors, book bloggers and readers, who have helped me pick covers for my books and let me know what they thought of my stories.

I try to make the page as beneficial for readers as it is for me, so I’ve hosted ebook giveaways and free book days. Lately I’ve been looking ahead to a big giveaway when I reach 1000 fans on my Facebook page. The giveaway is open! You can enter to win a Kindle right now. Current FB page fans can enter too, and of course I wanted to share this with my supporters here on my blog.

The prize is a $100 Amazon gift card, which will cover the $79 Kindle, a ton of ebooks, or can go toward a more expensive Kindle model. Enter at the 1000 Likes Kindle Giveaway. I’ll pull the winner on March 23. Good luck!

One last thing… I have a new title!  Click the cover to preview or purchase.

The Enemy’s Son

Cora discovers her father is in trouble… and the only person who can help her is The Enemy’s Son.

Her father couldn’t have stolen a million dollars, so how is he going to replace it? In one week?

Nick Holloway claims he wants to help Cora, saying he’s deceiving the Holloways to keep her safe…but what if he’s playing both sides? He could be using her attraction to him against her. The family orders Nick take Cora out into the wilderness to a remote cabin to keep her father in line. Cora can’t allow herself to trust Nick, no matter how sexy he is.

Soon she’s running from her feelings for Nick, running from the creepy henchman Alexander and the rest of the Holloways, and trying to find her father.

The clock is ticking…

All I Want For Christmas is Romance! Romancing Christmas Giveaway Hop.

The Romancing Christmas Giveaway Hop is being hosted by Reading Romances!

Thanks to everyone who entered! I used Random.org to pick the winners and have contacted all 6:

Judy – (The only person I haven’t heard back from.)







                                                                                          Merry Christmas! ♥♥♥

                  It’s been a very fun week and lots of people stopped by. My novels had a fun week too – both are in the top 500 in Kindle rankings!

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Click to read reviews on Amazon.
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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

We visited my dad today and my kids helped him decorate a small tree growing alongside the driveway. It was a small, 3 foot tree that looked a bit like a Charlie Brown tree, but very cute, especially after the kids hung the glittery ornaments.

He had another small tree for inside his house, a fake one that lit up and spun. It didn’t look like much, again, until they decorated it. We plugged it in and the little tree began to spin around and display little specs of glowing colors, which my middle son described as Northern Lights colors. We turned off the lights and watched it for a while as Elvis sang Christmas songs from the record player. I recently told my husband about my parents’ old Elvis records that I missed, and I was surprised to see them today. My dad had bought an old record player so there was even a way to listen to them again. It’s been a long time and many moves so I figured the records were gone. It seemed to work out perfectly for Christmas.

I’ve always been sentimental about the holidays and family – even as a kid I remember getting caught up in the emotions and traditions. Now I have my own kids to share this time with. I love this festive time of year, and this holiday season feels extra special to me. I took a lot of different steps this year to get my books out to more readers, and I’ve gotten to watch the results over the last five months. I reached 10,000 book sales, and the amazing part is that I sold most of them in September through November. A Cowboy For Christmas broke into the top 1000 in both the US and UK. All of my books have been following, making their way up the Kindle charts. More Than Memories was at 2,500 today. I’ve had some fun with writing too, publishing a Fantasy Romance novella and an Action Spy Thriller called Kauai Spy Games. Earlier in the year, I published Book Promoting 101 and A Miraculous Fate, a mystical thriller co-written with Tommy Garrison. Yeah, I know, I have quite a few different genres there! I just love a good story and enjoy writing romance, romantic suspense, action, thrillers and fantasy. I started three different novels lately and expect to publish several books again in 2012.

I’m very excited to see what happens this month. It’s been amazing to connect with readers through Facebook and Twitter, and these are just a fraction of the people reading my books. I’ve always dreamed about people all over the world reading my books. I have all kinds of big news to share with you this month along with some guest blogs. I joined a romance blog hop the 12th – 24th and will be giving away some ebooks too. So stay tuned, and enjoy this magical season!