Kauai Spy Games

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Seasoned covert operative Jeff Ivanov knows something is stirring in paradise. His never ending antics and perchance for romance got him a two year leave, aka paid vacation, to his childhood home of Kauai. The Garden Island, however, is a hotbed of nationalities with hidden national agendas. Even while enjoying the island Aloha life, he can’t miss the gorgeous Russian ladies flirting with scientists and engineers from Kauai Missile Base. When his old team members start to show up, the party’s on. Of course their mission isn’t condoned or even recorded. The Na Pali Seven do not exist.

As the son of a US Naval Captain and a Russian born professor, his role is to use his Russian connection to block the Russians from getting too close to the enamored scientists. The assignment gets real easy when Anya saunters into the bar and into his sights. They play the game together but emotions are dangerously real.

The Na Pali Seven could be responsible for stopping the largest and most devastating attack on US soil and Ivanov might be falling for the enemy.

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“This book was a fantastic fast paced read full of action and intrigue! I love books that delve into the secret world of our armed forces and their special ops teams that protect us from hidden dangers everyday! As a woman, I especially enjoyed the strong female characters in the book. I hope there is more to come for the Na Pali Team as well as Jeff and Anya.”  ~5 star review

Sneak peak from More Than Memories

More Than Memories – can she love him if she can’t remember him?

Trent turned his horse and watched his Molly as he led them through the forest, still blown away that she was back alive and healthy… and happy for the moment. Yet, so many questions and doubts stood between them. Why did she disappear? And why did she come back now? He wanted the truth, and he wanted Molly to get her memory back. If she remembered their time together from childhood, maybe all those moments would mean something. Right now they were just pictures in his head.

He watched her sway with the horse and throw him a smile. Yeah, she was having fun, and they were making a new picture, a memory that both of them knew about. Still, the unknowns haunted him, even in the quiet, misty woods.

He wanted everyone in the town to believe in him again, and Molly could do that for him if she knew what happened. A few people were still suspicious and blamed Trent for the Andersons’ disappearance. Things that big don’t happen in small towns and people needed someone to blame.

She glanced his way and smiled. “I’m so glad we came out here.” She spoke softly, her eyes glowing with pleasure. “Yeah,” he agreed. “It’s real nice riding with you again.” It felt right. It almost felt like they hadn’t lost the last four years. For a minute, he tried to pretend they hadn’t. But maybe he wouldn’t appreciate this so much then. As things stood, he had her back, in a way. A big way, but he needed to get to the bottom of this too.

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“Highly Recommended!” 5 stars from The Fictional Bookshelf

5 stars from Big Al’s Books and Pals – read the review here.