Another new Vella story, The Billionaire Who Bought Me

So I just couldn’t do it…

I couldn’t hold off on sharing this story with you until after finishing Sarah’s Song.

So I want to make both available!

This is my new Billionaire romance on Vella with 4 episodes currently live.

The Billionaire Who Bought Me

“Looking for female companion; not what you think but it pays very well.”

Zoe Montgomery is intrigued by the ad that promises a lot of money for a few weeks of her time. She’s desperate, but the ad is vague. What will he want from her? She finds the billionaire behind the words just as mysterious and confusing, breaking all her conceived ideas and toying with her emotions. Will she make it the full two weeks? And will it be enough money to save her little sister?  


I’m totally loving the Vella platform for writing! I hope you’ll check it out and read some stories – there’s a ton to choose from!

I’ll keep you posted on the new episodes coming out for my novels. And both these stories will become ebooks next year. Take care!