Are you an Authorpreneur?

New Release!    Authorpreneur: Making Steady Income from ebook Royalties

Authorpreneur: Making Steady Income from e-book royalties - preview on Amazon

Authorpreneur: a noun. A professional author/entrepreneur who strives to improve in all areas of the publishing business: writing, publishing and marketing.

What does it really take to make it as an author? What are realistic production and promotion costs? Do many people make money publishing ebooks, and how much?

 “Authorpreneur” takes a look at what’s involved in independent publishing and what you can expect at different career phases such as:

     Starting Out with ebook publishing

     Multi-published author

     Earning $500 per month and growing

     And even feeling stuck in writing and marketing

I discuss real numbers and what success means to different people—it’s not just about money. This book is for writers who value great storytelling and connecting with readers, and who want to develop their career, not just spike ebook sales for a month.

“Authorpreneur” is filled with tips you can do during set up, how to get sales moving again, and all the strategies I’ve used to sell more books, doubling my sales every year and tripling my income.

Full of links and additional resources!

What’s included:

  • Introduction
  • Part 1: Where Are You in Your Career?
  • Writing Your First Book
  • What to Expect
  • You’re Feeling Stuck
  • You Have Several Books Published
  • Earning $500+ per Month and Growing
  • When to Quit your Day Job
  • Let’s Talk about “Success” and Numbers
  • Running the Numbers
  • Part 2: Publishing
  • Print and Ebooks
  • Exclusive with Kindle Select?
  • Assisted Self Publishing?
  • Help Your Book Sell Itself
  • The “tiny” Cover
  • Should you spend money on your cover?
  • Make Your Title Short and Catchy
  • Copyright Page as a Sales Page
  • Formatting
  • A Winning Description
  • Winning Categories
  • Winning Keywords
  • End Matter
  • Author Profile
  • Pricing That Sells
  • Audio Books and Translation
  • Part 3: Strategies to Increase Sales
  • My Strategy
  • My Winning Mix
  • My Big Strategy
  • The Juggling Strategy
  • Perma-Free Books
  • Novellas
  • Box Sets
  • Write Like the Wind!
  • “Customers Also Bought”
  • Email List
  • Your Marketing Plan
  • How to Use Social Networking
  • How to Use Your Website or Blog
  • Reviews
  • Goodreads
  • Paid Advertising
  • Breaking Out
  • Closing/ Link Round Up
  • About The Author

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