Native American Fiction

The River People – Native American Romance and Adventure   (Print and Kindle)
River-Song’s father, Chief Sits-and-Thinks, is growing old and sick, but he trusts in her to lead their people. Her best friend has become her rival as they compete to marry the big chief’s son. But as River-Song proves herself to him, she begins to see he isn’t the man she thought. Then she must use her gift of words when a wandering band of braves seek a new home with them. They speak her mother’s language so she can understand them. River-Song feels pulled to their leader but confused about her place in the tribe. Can this young girl hold her tribe together as the new braves join them, and again when hostile warriors attack their valley?
Come visit the River People in the Pacific Northwest before fur traders or missionaries arrived. River-Song lives in a valley of meandering streams that give them salmon and trout to eat. Oak trees abound in the valley, and a forest of cedar and fir surround them, making a canopy and giving them planks for their long houses, canoes, and totem poles.
Based on the Umpqua Valley in Oregon.
Praise for The River People:
“The River People is a great book! It is historical fiction that is fun to read. By following the main characters you learn about life as a Native American in Oregon near the Umpqua River. The characters are strong, especially River-Song, who does not follow the crowd. She breaks from conventional female roles as she tries to choose between one of the most desirable men, Walks-with-Pumas, and leading her tribe after her father, the chief steps down. The writing is very readable and enjoyable. I would highly recommend this book and as a parent, teacher, and avid reader.” M. Sandberg, teacher
The Herald and News of Klamath Falls called The River People “A nicely told tale that discusses American Indians from a different perspective. It combines history with romance, with a hint of early women’s liberation, and a larger dose of Indian culture.”

Review by Tricia Dias of the Douglas County News: The characters are well developed; the reader cares about them and what’s going to happen next. River-Song is a complex person, as all 15 year olds are. However, in her culture, she is no longer considered a child and one day will become the leader of her village. During this critical summer, she leaves the last trace of childhood firmly behind and gains a maturity that stands her in good stead as she faces many challenges, both within herself and from the outside. What direction should she lead her people? How will she meet the threat to her happiness and to her people as a whole? The answers are cleverly woven into a good read.

Rated 5 stars from readers! Click to sample on Amazon. Kindle, 99 cents. Print is only 6.95.

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