Along with writing my own books, I love to help other authors make their novel the best it can be. My own readers compliment my smooth writing, and I’ll line edit your novel so it flows while retaining your voice. I’ll also give you an honest assessment of what’s working and not – and how to fix it. My developmental and line edit combination covers:

  •  Line editing to smooth out the writing
  • Plot and character development
  •  Story order, structure, development
  •  Dialogue – ensuring it sounds natural
  •  Passive Voice, mixing of first and third or tense problems
  •  Description
  •  Overused words
  •  Summary (show don’t tell)
  •  Pacing, slow movement; unneeded scenes
  •  Unrealistic details that throw readers out of the story
  •  Repeated information, conflicting information in different parts
  •  Point of view problems (skipping around, “head hopping,” unclear point of view)
  •  Lengthy paragraphs or chapters
  •  Any other issues taking away from the story

I have writing expertise in women’s fiction and romance, and I absolutely love working in general fiction, mystery, fantasy, adventure, science fiction, and crime fiction. I have ten years experience as a freelance editor, working through my imprints and freelance sites.

Contact me at  kristen@writerkristenjames.com.

What my clients say:

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kristen. She supplied me with excellent work that was helpful, thoughtful and fairly priced. Her communication was always on schedule and very clear. I greatly appreciated that! It is obvious that she is a professional in her field. I would not hesitate to recommend Kristen and I look forward to working with her again soon.”

“Kristen did a wonderful job on my project! She finished the project ahead of schedule, which helped me stay ahead of my own timeline. Her thoughtful revisions were exactly what I needed to take my story to the next level. It was a pleasure working with her. And I look forward to working with her again.”

“She was very easy to work with, gave frequent updates and feedback, and completed the job before the agreed deadline. She had a lot of great ideas for strengthening the characters, pacing, and plot, and also has a great deal of knowledge about how to find success in the publishing business. She exceeded my expectations, and I look forward to working with her on future projects.”

“Kristen is truly one of the most talented writers on this site. She completed my project ahead of time and I’ve already been contacted by two agents who are interested in receiving more of my manuscript! Kristen is very professional. She listens and she delivers. I highly recommend her and I will definitely hire her for future projects!”

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