Flower Therapy Coloring Book



People who know me know I usually have henna and jagua ink designs on my hands, arms and legs. I began sketching out temporary tattoo ideas, which led to real tattoo designs, and those turned into flower drawings and the idea for an adult coloring book. The collection includes flowers, women and some henna inspired designs. I can get lost in drawing for hours, and it always boosts my mood and relaxes me. If you’re so inclined to get a copy of the book, I hope it gives you many hours of enjoyment as well!

Just click the cover to view it on Amazon.

You can also get a Kindle version of the coloring book with a link to a printable download. (So you can get it faster and print pages at home.) Or can preview the book using the Kindle version and buy a regular coloring book on Amazon too.

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Flower Therapy: Relax, Renew and Rejuvenate – print version

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