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Welcome to my world of romance! I’m so happy to share two new ongoing Kindle Vella stories: The Billionaire Who Bought Me and Sarah’s Song.

“Looking for female companion; not what you think but it pays very well.”

Zoe Montgomery is intrigued by the ad that promises a lot of money for a few weeks of her time. She’s desperate, but the ad is vague. What will he want from her? She finds the billionaire behind the words just as mysterious and confusing, breaking all her conceived ideas and toying with her emotions. Will she make it the full two weeks? And will it be enough money to save her little sister?  

SARAH’S SONG – for fans of Talk to Me

Sarah Austin never had a musical bone to her body…until suddenly she does. When her life is turned upside down, she finds herself turning to music, playing the guitar and writing songs.

Half a world away, Michael Singer, lead guitarist and singer of Mystic Mist, can’t believe he’s hearing his band’s unfinished song from someone else. How did this American girl steal it? They both want answers for very different reasons.

Sarah’s Song – releasing on Kindle Vella here this year and as a regular Kindle ebook in 2021. (Vella releases episodes until the story is complete – you can read the first 3 episodes for free by clicking the Vella link.) 


“Let’s go for a walk,” I said, not wanting to stand there gazing up into his eyes under the porch light. The electric energy from singing and playing together lingered, and I needed to move.

Then, I hesitated on the bottom step. He had not been a happy camper when he first saw me, and I still didn’t know what I was getting into here.

He noticed and said, “I promise not to bite your head off.”

Somehow that had come off as flirty, naughty even, but maybe it was just that accent of his. He ducked his head, hiding a small but genuine smile playing on his lips. He knew what he was doing. Something told me I’d just bitten off more than I could chew.


The story is about friendship, healing, growth, a little magic, and of course romance . . . 

More to come! Stay tuned . . .  And check out my other romances in the meantime. 

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