Happy November! New Translations and a Christmas Collection

November is my birthday month! And it’s such a beautiful time of year. I love watching the leaves turn orange and red, and we’re having some breathtaking sunsets now that the rainy season is back. It’s also writing season when I have long evenings of darkness outside. I’ve been busy with other projects but I’m hoping to start another novel soon. Just a few quick updates for now:

My first Italian translation is out, for The Cowboy Kiss.


Il bacio del Cowboy

It’s live on a few sites, so I’ll add links to my translation page when it’s everywhere. I have translations in progress for several books in different languages.


It might be a little early to think about Christmas, unless you’re planning a book project. So I’ve been proofreading stories for this collection, and had to grab a tissue. Christmastime: Stories of the Season is full of emotional, family themed stories, with two guest stories from other authors. This will go live in about a week.

Christmastime Stories


You can get an ebook copy by signing up for my newsletter!


Best Wishes,


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