More Than a Promise is out! A few fun things about the story…

This is my first ever sequel! I’m actually developing it into a series with many more surprises and books to come. You’ll get details about Book 3 at the end of More Than a Promise, and I bet you’ll be able to guess who will be in the following story.

Not only does this story continue from Embers of Hope to show Cassie’s story, readers get to revisit Jason, Savanna and Aubrey from Book 1 and see how they’re doing. Aubrey was tiny in Book 1 but now she’s “so, so, so excited” about starting school. I had a lot of fun writing her character this time around too.

So the story opens in Eugene and then moves to Ocean View Stables from A Cowboy for Christmas. You’ll get to see the old setting–only the stables are growing and doing very well–and visit Brent and Missy again. (She goes by Melissa sometimes in this story, so readers won’t get confused with all the -ie names.)

At Ocean View Stables, Cassie reconnects with her old best friend from the 6th grade, Ethan. He’s a single dad now to Isabel. Isy grabs a special place in Cassie’s heart from the start, maybe because she touched my heart so much. I enjoyed working with her character just as much as Cassie and Ethan. Of course, I loved writing from Cassie’s point of view this time. We didn’t get to go into her head and see her thoughts in Book 1, and she turned out to be even more multi-dimensional than I imagined.

This book was a long time coming, but the next one is already under way!

More Than a Promise on Amazon 

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