Summer Writing News: Cassie’s Story, and Lights, Camera, Conflict!

I’ve been plotting away on my current novel and slowly writing. Why slowly? This is my first sequel, and there’s a lot to live up to. I put Cassie, my main character, through a lot in the last novel, Embers of Hope. She lost her husband and was a roadblock to her friend Savanna. She’s been growing and is ready to move forward, but she still has issues and fears to work through. Even with that, I’m enjoying revisiting her story, and the other characters from Embers of Hope. You’ll get to see Savanna, Jason and Aubrey, and see what life holds for them right now. I’m also using Ocean View Stables from A Cowboy For Christmas, in case any of you wondered how things turned out for Brent and Missy.

Here’s the working description for the next book, More Than A Promise: Cassie’s Story.

Cassie escapes to Ocean View Stables on the Oregon Coast to cope with the three year anniversary of her husband’s death. She’s starting to dream about her future again and possibly romance. A safe romance, that is, where people don’t die. She runs into Ethan Caldwell, the cute boy who teased her through grade school. He sure grew up – into a man who’d catch anyone’s eyes. Now he’s a single dad to nine year old Isabel, who talks about her parents getting back together…as soon as her mom is out of rehab. Then maybe her mom can watch her while her dad goes on his work trips. Apparently Ethan has some kind of dangerous, secretive government job. This isn’t at all what Cassie is looking for! So why is she running full speed into another broken heart?


Of course I’m holding back quite a few surprises too! I can’t wait to share the story with everyone… which means I need to get writing.

In other writing news, I’ve been releasing books in print and Nook. More Than Memories, A Miraculous Fate and In The Land of Huckleberries and Wokas are on Nook now. (Opens to a search page on B&N with my books.) The first two are available in print as well. You can read more about In The Land of Huckleberries and Wokas or read a preview from The River People, my other Native American story.

For other writers….

I’ve been working on another nonfiction book too. This one is called Lights, Camera, Conflict! It’ll show how to set your novel up with conflict in all the main elements. Conflict is the base of a novel so this book will provide a process to build a solid base for a captivating story. This one will be out in July or August.

I also wanted to share a blog post from Book Promoting 501 called, “How to Lose A Reader in 500 Words,”

and my guest blog on The Creative Penn called, “Book Marketing: 7 Ways to Grow Your Readership.”

I hope you’re having a wonderful summer! Share your adventure with me here or on Facebook. 🙂

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