The ‘C’ Word

The topic of my last post has been on my mind, and I’ve been thinking about when we want something but stop ourselves from trying for it. I didn’t join any sports until high school when my best friend, who was always a good influence on me, convinced me to join track with her. My coach, Mrs. Taylor, created a new rule that year: if anyone said the C word, they had to do 20 push ups.

I learned two things in a short amount of time after that.

First, I learned I said “I can’t” to a lot of things. Soon I only got as far as “I ca–” and I had to do 20 push ups.

And second, I learned I could really build some muscle. In fact, I joined a weight raining and conditioning class in high school. I worked up to bench pressing my weight and leg pressing 350 lbs.

I suppose I learned a third lesson too. At first the lesson was to never say the C word. If indeed I slipped up, I had to quickly change it to I can. 

You know that saying, you are what you eat? In reality, we may be roughly the same fat content as the foods we eat, but we aren’t turning into fried chicken or a cupcake any time soon. We do, however, turn into what we think. “Whether you think you can’t, or you can, you’re right.” I’ve heard that one quite a bit too, and over the last few years I’ve decided it’s pretty much right on. If you set out on a mission thinking you’ll fail, guess what? You usually fail. It works just as well to expect positive outcomes. It can make an amazing difference simply to outlaw the C word. Now I’m trying to teach that to my kids!

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