Romance is in the air… and in my books! Reading a good romance can almost feel like falling in love – it makes you hold your breath, make a wish and sigh in satisfaction when, against the odds, they do make it through and find true love. The bigger the obstacles, and the more you doubt, the better the book is. That’s why writing romance and women’s fiction is so much fun.

I started a sequel to Embers of Hope that share’s Cassie’s story. It was so easy to jump and and pick up with my characters… but now I’m trying to picture the right man for her. She deserves the very best! And that’s not so easy to find in someone who is dealing with his own problems – because we need some conflict for a good story. I know this man is very tall with dark blue eyes, and his little girl is named Isabel. He still needs a name! So parts of this book are coming together quickly and easily, and other parts are still vague. That’s okay. It’s how writing works for me.

Well, I hope you do something special for yourself today. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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