Snow in Oregon!

A light dusting of snow fell on the valley floor yesterday so we took the kids and headed up to the deeper snow  to sled.


We were lucky and timed it just right for the perfect conditions: powdery snow and sunshine!

I had never gone sledding with the kids before so it was a blast to take one at a time down the hill.

Before we left the mountain, a snowstorm blew in and sent down a torrent of fat flakes. Luckily there was a group of people playing in a meadow and they had several fires going. We borrowed one to warm up and drink our hot cider.




Here’s a picture I took the same day, from my house. We have eight bald eagles that have been flying up and down the river and playing. They’ll fly together or sit in the trees and chirp in a song like way.

We keep a list of animals we’ve seen from our house, and it includes otters, mallards, Canadian Geese, wood ducks, pheasants, quail, blue heron, great horned owls, hawks, white and black tail deer, and a few more domesticated animals like cows, sheep and goats. There’s at least 100 animals on our list! Last week, we saw two bucks play fighting in the field across the river. It looked like a larger buck was teaching a spike how to fight for next year. There’s such an abundance of wildlife and beautiful scenery here; I feel so blessed to call Oregon home!



One thought on “Snow in Oregon!

  1. I too live in Oregon. Was born and raised here and lived in Seattle for a few years. Don’t miss the traffic. LOL

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