How to Be a Full Time Writer – now available!

How To Be A Full Time Writer and Editor

 Through Ghostwriting, Freelance Writing, Editing, Co-Writing and Your Writing

Do you love your job? You should! If you don’t, I’d love to help you create a job you love.

I created my own job through a mix of publishing and editing, and then I began ghostwriting. This allowed me to set my own hours, choose my projects, and work from home while dropping the daily commute. I share the sites I used, provide resources, and give tips for finding work, bidding, winning projects, avoiding problem clients and projects, and earning more money.  These tips include actual, winning bids and things to watch out for. You can use some or all of the methods that have worked for me to create a job perfectly suited to your interests and passions.

This is a great way to earn extra income, offset a crisis after job loss, or earn a living. For me, being a “full time” writer means earning full time pay, and not necessarily working eight hours a day.

In How to Be A Full Time Writer, I share:

  • My story
  • Ways to make money online related to writing, editing and publishing
  • How to get started and create a winning profile
  • What not to do
  • Tips to win more projects
  • Red Flags – time to walk away
  • How to price your bids
  • How to make money through your own writing
  • Secrets to selling more ebooks

Whether you’re completely new to online freelancing or already working, this book will jump start your projects and save you time and headaches from problem projects and clients. This 70 page guide cuts the fluff to give you easy to use information, tips and links.

Sample or purchase here.

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