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In A Field of OrIn a Field of Orangesanges –  emotional romance

Sergeant Lance Smith lost his men in Afghanistan, lost his wife to divorce, and came home to an empty life. He expected to come home with his best friend, Jared. That didn’t happen either. There is one thing he needs to do. He’d promised Jared he would visit his sister if anything happened to him. It doesn’t seem like much, but Lance needs something to keep him moving forward. He just needs to track her down first.

Once a nurturing heart and a competent psychiatrist, Sierra Thomas is now hiding from the world. She tried to make a difference and failed. She couldn’t stop her brother—the brother she’d raised—from enlisting in the Marines. Then she failed her patients, ending her career. She retreated to her family’s orange groves, hoping to forget the pain of her past.

Click here to view IN A FIELD OF ORANGES  in your local Kindle store.


Costa Rica by Kristen James       Costa Rica  -  married romance, women’s fiction, family drama, best friends

Annalisa and Drew have always dreamed of going to Play Flamingo, Costa Rica, with their best friends, Vincent and Melinda. But now they’re out of time.

Annalisa feels their marriage is just a shell for others to see–there’s nothing left inside. She wonders if they can rekindle their love in paradise, but there’s so little left. They gave up on their marriage along with their dream of having children.

Time is literally slipping away from Vince and Mel. Vincent’s cancer is back–his tumor is inoperable and he won’t do chemo again. This trip is now or never.
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Point Hope by Kristen James - view on Amazon    Point Hope   –  married romance, family drama    

Available in Audiobook                   

The mighty Pacific has a rugged, rough, unforgiving beauty—like Trey’s life.

After his Navy career came to an end, Trey became an EMT in his hometown of Coos Bay, Oregon. He struggles with PTSD, which affects his ability to do his job and connect with his family. His wife seems to be living life without him.

Rosette can’t figure out what happened to her marriage, or to Trey—the man she once so desperately loved. It feels like she’ll lose everything along with him. Meanwhile, he’s enclosed in his own world without her.

Their marriage is on its last legs when their family is faced with two deaths and an orphan. They’re already raising two young children and Trey’s teenage brother, Alex. Trey and Rosette make a shaky agreement: to play “family” for now so they can take care of Trey’s recently orphaned niece. But can faking it ever be enough?

It’s make-it or break-it time. If they split apart, who will raise Hope?

Click here to view POINT HOPE  in your local Kindle store.


Embers of Hope – Book 1,  Second Gift Series     - emotional romance, best friends, women’s fiction

Embers of Hope by Kristen JamesA single mom trying to start over, even as her friends desperately need her help.

Savanna dreaded telling her family and friends about her failed marriage so much that she hid it while living in another state. But she can’t stay away when her best friend Cassie loses her husband, who dies on duty as a firefighter. Savanna quickly returns home to help, longing to find herself again and make a home for her daughter. She meets Mike’s best friend, Jason, the man who talked him into staying with the department just before the fatal fire. He’s also the man who once saved Savanna’s life. Though hurting herself, something deep inside her won’t let her walk away. Jason needs her but she’s off limits on so many levels. She’s falling for this handsome firefighter but he confuses her to no end, and she could lose her best friend over him.

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Click here to view EMBERS OF HOPE  in your local Kindle store.


More Than a Promise – Book 2,  Second Gift Series  – emotional romance, second chances, single parents

More Than a Promise - click to view on Amazon

Cassie escapes to Ocean View Stables on the Oregon Coast to cope with the three year anniversary of her husband’s death. She’s starting to dream about her future again and possibly romance. A safe romance, that is, where people don’t die. She runs into Ethan Caldwell, the cute boy who teased her through grade school. He sure grew up – into a man who’d catch anyone’s eyes. Now he’s a single dad to nine year old Isabel, who talks about her parents getting back together…as soon as her mom is out of rehab. Then maybe her mom can watch her while her dad goes on his work trips. Apparently Ethan has some kind of dangerous, secretive government job. This isn’t at all what Cassie is looking for! So why is she running full speed into another broken heart?

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Click here to view MORE THAN A PROMISE  in your local Kindle store.

More Than Memories  —  Book 1, Memories Series    - romantic suspense, second chances, amnesia romance

More Than Memories Available in Audiobook. German version coming later in 2014.

Can she love him if she can’t remember him?

Molly Anderson returns “home” to a town she doesn’t remember, hoping it will spark a memory. She runs into Trent Williams, an off duty police Detective, and something else definitely sparks. He wants to know why she left town, with her parents, but without a word to anyone. She doesn’t remember that life. She can only tell him she knew her parents briefly before they died . . . or were murdered, she’s not sure. She hopes regaining her memory will help answer that question.

Trent has his own secrets, but they have a mystery to solve. As they work together and Molly meets their old friends, she realizes their relationship went deeper than memories. In fact, she grew up in Ridge City, even though her parents had said they lived there just a few years. How could she have forgotten her lifelong friend and love? Can she love him again if she doesn’t remember him? There’s also the possibility that she did something awful — and maybe that’s why she’s afraid to remember her old life. Molly knows she wants him now, but the truth might destroy their love.

Click here to view MORE THAN MEMORIES  in your local Kindle store.


A Wedding to Remember  —  an eShort  — Book 2, Memories Series  –  wedding romance

A Wedding to Remember

Every girl dreams of a wedding… Trent knows that, and he wants Molly to have the wedding of a lifetime. She’s the love of his life and means everything to him. They eloped before she lost her memory and disappeared, and then they lost four years, so he wants to make up for that lost time in a huge way. Now that they’re reunited, he wants to celebrate their love in front of their family and friends.

It’s the happiest time of her life… but thinking of a wedding brings up all kinds of emotions. Molly’s not sure how to handle things at first! But not only is Trent there for her, he’s bringing in reinforcements.

Click here to view A WEDDING TO REMEMBER in your local Kindle store.



A Cowboy For Christmas – print, ebook, audiobook and Spanish Edition    – flirty romance

My bestselling holiday romance – Rated 5 stars by The Fictional Bookshelf —   Now in Spanish

A Cowboy For ChristmasWhen her estranged brother passes, Missy is suddenly an unwanted co-owner to Ocean View Stables by Florence, Oregon. Missy wants to start over somewhere new after her old boss burned her. She’s jobless and has a wrongly ruined reputation, so this works out perfectly . . . until she meets the cowboy running the place. Brent built his dream with determination and his two hands; he’s responsible for everything that happens there. Secretly, he feels responsible that his former partner died. He also doesn’t hide his belief that Missy won’t stick around. Women tend to take off on him so why would she be any different?
They both have a past that can ruin their future. Can he trust her to stay? Can she trust him with her heart?
“A Great Romance for the Holidays and Anytime You Like!” Coffee Time Romance and More.


The Cowboy Kiss – his kiss was a curse that wouldn’t let go!     – novella, new adult romance, cowboy romance, fishing romance          Available in Audiobook

The Cowboy Kiss by Kristen JamesShe’s a cutting-edge travel blogger—he’s a fishing guide with strong ties to their small hometown.

She thought they were arch enemies—he always thought they’d end up together.

Autumn grew up in her parents’ fishing resort in backwoods Oregon, listening to wild travel stories from around the world. Now she’s broken free and living her dream as a travel blogger, that is until her mom talks her into coming home and writing a blog about the Rugged Resort. Autumn’s very surprised to find Cory still there. He was the thorn in her side growing up, and now he’s buddy-buddy with her parents. She plans to write her blog and hit the road, but Cory has other ideas.

Click here to view THE COWBOY KISS  in your local Kindle store.


A Spy for Christmas – novella – print, ebook and audiobook        

A Spy for Christmas by Kristen James - go to Amazon

What’s more dangerous? The Oregon wilderness? Hit men? Or the heat in Grayson’s arms?

Robin is flying back into the misty Pacific Northwest for Christmas, which is a bit fitting after her last so-so relationship ended. Alex just wasn’t the right man for her. Things look up when Grayson sits next to her on the plane—he’s hot, charming, witty and very into her. Unfortunately their chance meeting puts her in danger, and suddenly Robin is trapped into spending the holiday with this charming, mysterious man at a secluded mountain cabin.He vows to protect her with his own life if needed, but the danger isn’t just from the men tracking them down. Robin isn’t sure she can trust Grayson, and yet she’s pulled to his magnetism. Safety is quickly losing the battle to desire…

Click here to view A SPY FOR CHRISTMAS  in your local Kindle store.


A Special Ops Christmas – novella

A Special Ops Christmas by Kristen James - go to Amazon

They were ready to call it quits, but Aiden realizes he can’t let his marriage die this Christmas season. Can he make it home to Vivianne in time to save their love?

Vivianne has been so proud her husband—a Navy SEAL—but his absence while serving has put a strain on their marriage. Due to buried hurts and different circumstances in her life, she needs him more than ever now. Aiden proposed in the snow, and Christmas has always been their special time of year. This year, however, looks bleak and lonely. If only Aiden were here, she could share a special surprise.

Click here to view A SPECIAL OPS CHRISTMAS  in your local Kindle store.



The Enemy’s Son   – romantic suspense

The Enemy's Son by Kristen JamesHer father couldn’t have stolen a million dollars from mob boss Keith Holloway, so how is he going to replace it? In one week?

Nick Halloway claims he wants to help Cora, saying he’s deceiving the Holloways to keep her safe…but what if he’s playing both sides? He could be using her attraction to him against her. The family orders Nick take Cora out into the wilderness to a remote cabin to keep her father in line. Cora can’t allow herself to trust Nick, no matter how sexy he is.

Soon she’s running from her feelings for Nick, running from the creepy henchman Alexander and the rest of the Holloways, and trying to find her father.

The clock is ticking…

Click here to view THE ENEMY’S SON  in your local Kindle store.


The River People – Native American Fiction  —   Available in Print, Kindle, audiobook, Nook, Kobo and iBooks.

River-Song’s father, Chief Sits-and-Thinks, is growing old and sick, but he trusts in her to lead their people. Her best friend has become her rival as they compete to marry the big chief’s son. But as River-Song proves herself to him, she begins to see he isn’t the man she thought. Then she must use her gift of words when a wandering band of braves seek a new home with them. They speak her mother’s language so she can understand them. River-Song feels pulled to their leader but confused about her place in the tribe. Can this young girl hold her tribe together as the new braves join them, and again when hostile warriors attack their valley?

Come visit the River People in the Pacific Northwest before fur traders or missionaries arrived. River-Song lives in a valley of meandering streams that give them salmon and trout to eat. Oak trees abound in the valley, and a forest of cedar and fir surround them, making a canopy and giving them planks for their long houses, canoes, and totem poles.

Based on the Umpqua Valley in Oregon.

Click here to view THE RIVER PEOPLE  in your local Kindle store.


Other Fiction Titles:

The Fairy and Her Giant  (Fantasy Adult Romance)  Free on Kindle   Free on Smashwords and other retailers

Click here to view THE FAIRY AND HER GIANT  in your local Kindle store.

A Miraculous Fate, co-written with Tommy Garrison

In The Land of Huckleberries and Wokas  (Related to The River People–Based on the Klamath Basin in Oregon.)

Recovery of Agent M   (military, joint Zulu 7 Project)

Diversity Problems  (Fantasy, Science Fiction, Social Commentary)

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